What's New Around Camp


As you drive around Avondale Scout Reservation over the next several weeks, you will notice a lot of exciting things going on, including new buildings being constructed at both Camp Avondale and Camp McGee. The roads at Camp are also being worked over and, thankfully, we are staying on-task with our 10-year plan of Forest Management.

It is the responsibility of the Istrouma Area Council to be a good steward of our forests at Avondale Scout Reservation, and we take that responsibility very seriously. As you know, there are many different types of trees, noxious bush growth, and under-brush growing at ASR, and if our forests are not properly taken care of, it will affect the current wildlife habitat, future new growth of trees, and the environment at ASR in general.

Many of our forests with dense trees have stopped growing, some trees are actually hollow in the middle, and some are already dead. Unfortunately, if we don’t cut trees down now and thin out the forests, the trees will eventually fall or be blown down by strong winds, which could damage our facilities and campsites, or even cause injury to a Scout or volunteer.

I know that you will be happy to know that the funds that we receive from the required logging going on right now at ASR will be re-invested by the Council right back into ASR. A percent of the funds will be used for preparation, burning, and re-planting of the logged area. Another percentage will be used for building and vehicles maintenance, as well as “Big Ticket” items for Camp such as new tractors, lawn mowers, and weed eaters.

Of course, the Council also plans to invest some of the funds into important program supplies that will continue to excite and encourage Scouts and volunteers to come back to ASR year after year and enjoy both Camp Avondale and Camp McGee at our annual Summer Camp. 

Last, but certainly not least, a small percentage of the logging funds will be invested into a Council “Reserve Fund” for the expected/unexpected emergencies and catastrophes that we might face in the future…as you can well imagine, the devastating floods of March 2016 /August 2016 taught us an important lesson and reminded us all to always “Be Prepared!”

My thanks to each of you for what you do for our Scouts and for the ever-growing Scouting programs here in Istrouma Area Council.


Yours in Scouting,


Gary S. Mertz, Scout Executive