Summer Camp Check In Procedures

Check In Procedures

1. Arrive at Camp Avondale between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please wait in the parking lot if you arrive early.

At 1:00 p.m. Troop Hosts will be at the Camp Avondale parking lot to greet units.The Adult Leader and Senior Patrol Leader will be escorted to the Business office for check in. Please have the following items available at check-in: Complete OFFICIAL troop roster of all campers and adults including names of adults staying with unit full-time and part-time with YPT validation or certificates.

All camper fees MUST be paid in FULL at this time. We do not have a means to charge unit accounts at the Camp office for activities at camp, nor can we provide fee refunds. We will make every effort to offset refunds against charges, but in order to speed the check-in process, we ask that units be fully paid prior to arriving at camp. Those not fully paid will be asked to settle up upon check-in, and again at checkout to reflect changes during the week. We recommend bringing three checks: one for check-in, one for trading post and one 'just in case'.

2. Copies of youth OA election and adult nomination for Order of the Arrow day.

3. The Unit will then be escorted to the Health Lodge for health form checks and medication instructions. A qualified health officer will review the medical forms and conduct a Covid tempature check. Any Scout, leader, or parent without a completed Health Form (signed by a physician) will be asked to leave camp until he/she can acquire one. Please bring all medications in their original containers with clearly written directions. THe travel Prescreen form, ASR Consent form, and Code of Conduct form will be collected for all yoth and adult participants.  While an adult transports Troop gear to the campsite, the Troop Hosts will provide the Scouts with a tour of Camp Avondale and meet back at the campsite.

Special Note: Only one (1) vehicle will be permitted in the campsite area per unit at any given time and all vehicles must be removed prior to 4:00 p.m.

At the campsite, you should orient your Scouts. All Scouts and Adult Leaders taking the swim test will change into their swimsuits and proceed to the Waterfront when escorted by their Troop Host. If weather becomes a problem, swim checks will continue once the weather has cleared. Return to your campsite to settle in and continue setting up.


The meal schedule is as follows:

Breakfast 7:55 a.m.
Lunch 12:00 Noon
Dinner 6:00 p.m.


Camp Avondale offers the best food available. The proof is in our Scouts, Leaders, and Parents as all have returned home from their week of camp with full, satisfied stomachs. The camp menu will be posted at various spots around camp. Please be aware and flexible as Dining Hall meals and procedures are subject to Covid regulations and best practices.

Special Diets

In addition to the regular menu, we are prepared to serve food for the following special diets: Peanut Allergy, Fiber, Vegetarian, and Celiac conditions.

Those who follow a specific diet should e-mail their diet requirements to the Camp Aministration at two weeks prior to your arrival at camp. 

All Units will provide there own tents, and have only one person per tent.  This is the best practice recommendation due to Covid.

Everyone's clothing and personal equipment should be marked clearly with their name and troop number.  Be advised that there is not a safety deposit box for valuable personal atricles.