DRAFT IAC Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Summary:


The Istrouma Area Council Strategic Plan development has been a coordinated effort of a strategic planning committee, volunteer focus groups and volunteer surveys.  The focus includes 6 areas to enhance, improve and strengthen the Scouting brand in our Council service area and the 3 camps that serve our clients. (Camp Avondale, Camp McGee, Camp Carruth)


1. Impact & Participation

  • Utilize the Journey to Excellence criteria for membership growth of 3% annually (currently using). Strive to achieve the GOLD level annually. 
  • Tactic- Charter Renewal in January – goal is to improve youth retention in the program.
  •  Next – Spring Recruitment effort in May with kindergarten boys for the Tiger Cub program.
  •  Next –Fall Join Scouting Program (all grades).
  • Next – New unit organization all year long (organizing to scout units in targeted areas of each district.
  •  Next – Conduct a unit inventory of each scout unit in November to ensure that all youth member application for membership has been completed and turned into the scout office.
  • Expand membership growth through cultivation of new charter partners (currently using). Increase traditional unit growth at 3% annually. 
  • Tactic – Reduce the number of scout units that fail.
  •  Next – Year round plan to target local organizations that need new scouting units in each district.
  • Develop stronger commissioner service to ensure a high standard and quality within each district.  Achieve and sustain a 3:1 traditional unit to commissioner ratio. 
  • Tactic – Identify, Recruit and Train a team of people to serve as Unit Commissioners resulting in a 3:1 ratio of units to commissioners
  • Increase youth retention in the program. Improving to 68% by 2017. 
  • Tactic – Increased retention is achieved by ensuring a quality delivery of the program. Retention is measured when the charter renewal process is completed by January 31 and measured by April 1.
  • Cultivate and initiate the program into the Hispanic community and other cultural diverse areas within the council area (currently but need additional support). Target is to impact 200 youth in the Hispanic emphasis and Vietnamese program by December 2018. 
  • Tactic – Year round recruitment of Hispanic/Vietnamese Youth into the program.
  •  Next – Conduct weekly meetings.
  •  Next – Youth earning badges.
  •  Next – Build a volunteer support system.
  • More emphasis on training adult scout leaders.  Increase the % of trained leaders to 70% (need and ongoing). 
  • Tactic – Conduct volunteer training at least twice each year in each district.
  • Next– Conduct a campaign to encourage adult leaders to become trained leaders.
  • Conduct a unit leader training inventory in July and August of each year.


2. Dynamic & Relevant Program

  • Continue the current construction projects at Camp Avondale and identify other needed improvements and betterments at the camp (currently ongoing).
  • Complete construction projects on time and prioritize other camp improvement projects.
  • Increase the number of weeks offered for summer camp.  Increase Camp Avondale Summer Camps to three weeks by 2018 and 4 weeks by 2020.
  • Continue the development and construction projects for Camp McGee (Cub Scout camp) to include but not limited to: improved dining facilities, First-aid facility, climbing structure, shooting sports range and campsite development with measurement at the end of each year.
  • Increase awareness and timely marketing for Cub Holiday Camp and Boy Scout Winter Camp.
  • Identify and commence improvements to Camp Carruth, and hire a Caretaker.
  • Improve coordinated structured adult leader training to ensure quality program delivery (need to improve).  Promote and expand adult training programs.
  • Improve communications with Council to Scout Units.  Implement better web-site delivery, social media and mass e-mail (need to have a separate focus group set-up).


3. Leadership & Excellence

  • Organize annual training for Council Board members and District Committee and Council Operating Committees.
  •  Provide improved Board member orientation; strengthen District Committees participation;
  •  Schedule regular Council Operating Committees meetings to enhance training and coordination.
  • Enhance expectation and performance of the professional staff through clear defined goals.  Develop clear Smart goals for the professional staff and share with District Key-3 and Council leadership and monitor regularly (quarterly) to determine issues or course corrections.
  • Continue to build stronger relationships with community based organizations to enhance Council objectives and vision. Identify key groups and partnerships to strengthen recruitment and retention.
  • Establish ongoing identification and recruitment of board and district leadership.
  • Identify strategies and issues to build Council Leadership. Utilize exit interviews for departing Council employees (National Council conducts the interview via electronically).


4. Youth Advocacy & Strategic Relationships

  • Using a consistent training and delivery program for adult leaders - continue to promote a strong youth advocacy program of youth protection, leadership development, building citizenship, character building, respect for others and doing your best.
  • Focus on youth issues relating to health, environmental, leadership, service and citizenship (this is ongoing).
  • Enhance participation of at-risk scouts. Develop partnership relationship youth advocacy organizations with at least four groups i.e. YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Salvation Army, Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), and other school based organizations.
  • Continue to forge strong relationships with area Independent School Districts, Ministerial Associations and Fraternal Organizations.


5. Innovation and Technology

  • Maintain a proactive plan for technology replacement to stay current with the culture and need (currently doing but not a written plan).
  •  Update technology plan and priorities based on current needs and resources.
  • Better Communications tools via web-site and other social media outlets.
  • Update website and social media regularly.
  • Use online registration for council events to reduce administrative staff functions
  • Use online tools to provide donors with a convenient means for donations.
  • Partner with BSA volunteers who have the technical expertise to maintain a high degree of technological efficiency (have in the past with marginal success).
  •  Identify partners with technological expertise that could serve to enhance services and tools.


6. Finance & Resources

  • Continue to grow the Investment in Character program. Grow at a rate of 5% annually to meet the membership and program support financial demands.
  • United Way - rebuild relationship between now and 2018.
  • Focus on consistently growing endowment using smart investment strategies.
  • Grow Popcorn Sales.  Increase sales by 6% each year.
  • Camping and Activities must continue to grow by increasing youth and scout family participation in quality programs.
  •  Increase participation by 3% annually
  • Continue to increase the revenue from successful council fundraising events; Sporting Clays Classic, Cooking for Character, Business & Industry luncheon and the Corporate Derby.

-Increase participants by 5% each year

  • Enhance Council support of financial strategy to support growth and retention goals. 
  • Build involvement of Key leaders in the community to enhance financial sustainability.

Build a Corporate Campaign in 2017 to add $120,000 new dollars to the Investment in Character Campaign and continue building it by 3% each year.