Sewell-Eagle District

Serving: East and West Baton Rouge Parishes, Ascension Parish and part of St. James and Iberville Parishes. 

Key Leadership
District Chair Rob Bourgeois 225-610-3706
District Commissioner Dr. Will Freeman 225-313-3421
District Executive    
District Vice Chair Jason Bonaventure 225-938-5088
District Vice Chair Kristin Bourgeois 225-928-2251
District Vice Chair Gilbert Fontenot 225-313-3421
District Vice Chair David Karns 225-717-7767
Advancement Chair & Eagle Board Roslyn Davidson 225-235-6967
Advancement Chair & Eagle Board Patrick Carpenter 225-235-4538
Training Chair Robert Bishop 225-916-2747
Membership Chair Kristin Bourgeois 225-928-2251
Camping Chair    
Venture Crew Coordinator John Lappin 225-931-3119
Unit Commissioners
Roundtable Commissioner Christian Craddock 865-386-1530
Unit Commissioner Steven Beatty 225-273-4462
Unit Commissioner Robert Bennett 225-788-8153
Unit Commissioner William Booker 225-235-1194
Unit Commissioner William Covington 847-436-9080
Unit Commissioner Peter Davidson 225-769-7925
Unit Commissioner Roslyn Davidson 225-235-6967
Unit Commissioner Stephen Davidson 225-287-4412
Unit Commissioner Bradley Jacobs 803-221-2876
Unit Commissioner David Morrill, Sr. 225-803-4669
Unit Commissioner Angela Poche 225-622-4509
Unit Commissioner Robert Reed 225-302-0062
Unit Commissioner Marc Samuels 225-924-6063
Unit Commissioner Paul Sicard 225-571-7200
Unit Commissioner Gerard Zimmerman, Jr. 225-439-2037
Banquet Chair    
AOL Chair Alan Berthelot 225-869-0927
Derbies & Races Chair    
Scouts Camporee District’s Troop Committee  
Day Camp Director Chris Adams 540-998-0835
Shooting Sports Chair    
Cub Family Campout District’s Pack Committee  
Website Chair    
District Finance Chair    
Fundraising Sales Marianne Crawford 225-223-9684