Sewell-Eagle District

Serving East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge Parishes and part of Iberville Parish.


Key Leadership:

District Chair Lee Bruner 225.921.6801
District Commissioner Keith Stokes 985.969.7460
District Executive David Harris 225.349.9901
Finance Chair -  
Investment in Character-EBR Campaign Chair Jerry Daly 225.445.2380
Investment in Character-Family Chair -  
Special Event Chair    
Scouting for Food -  
Popcorn Kernel Nancy Reynolds  
Camp Cards Coordinator -  
Membership Chair -  
Fall School Night Chair David Gabel 225.270.3350
Program Chair -  
Advancement & Recognition Chair Roslyn Davidson 225.235.6967
Training Chair Robert Reed 225.302.0062
Camping Chair -  
Camping and Camp Promotion Chair -  
District Cub Family Campout -  
"Scouting for a Home" Event -  
"Scouting for Food" Event -  
District Webelos Woods -  
District Raingutter Regatta Host Unit -  


Unit Commissioners:

Cub Scout Roundtable Commmissioner                     Keith Didier 225.752.0914
Boy Scout Roundtable Commmissioner Chad Marxsen  
Unit Commissioner Glenn Allen 225.772.2994
Unit Commissioner Paul Sicard  
Unit Commissioner William Booker  
Unit Commissioner Deborah Reliford 225.963.0911
Unit Commissioner Amy Hughes 225.768.7731
Unit Commissioner Virginia Guffey  
Unit Commissioner Frank O'Quinn  
Unit Commissioner Eric Shoonmaker  
Unit Commissioner Madison Tabor  
Unit Commissioner Bob Warner 225.405.5102
Unit Commissioner Ryan Beissinger 863.525.6240
Unit Commissioner Jerry Zimmerman 225.247.1794


District Members-at-Large: