Online Recharter


Recharter Dates to Know:

Nov 8: Internet Online Charter Renewal System Activated for the Key 3 in each unit or the key 3 delgate.

Nov 8: LOGIN to with the same user name & password for  If you have forgotten this information call Margaret Brown @ 225-926-2697 or e-mail

Dec 17: Before submitting charter online, please print the recharter.

Dec 17: TURN-IN Charter with payment to your District Executive, Unit Commissioner or Council Registrar.  If you pay on-line and there is an error with the recharter, refunds will not be issued.

Paperwork to include: 
1.  Charter Agreement
2.  All pages of the re-chater 
3.  JTE score card,
4.  All applications for 'new' scouts or volunteers must be uploaded into the charter renewal. Please verify BSA ID number with the Council registrar before adding any one to your unit.
5  Youth protection certificates for all 'new' adults must be uploaded into the renewal or attached with the renewal.


Adult Registration Feb. 2022 - Jan. 2023 $45.00
Insurance per person $12.00
Scout Life Magazine $15.00


Youth Registration Feb. 2022 - Jan 2023 $75.00
New Youth Join Fee $25.00
Scout Life Magazine $15.00
Program fee per person $42.00


Click HERE for Instructions for recharter and video.

Click HERE for the user guide.

Click HERE for JTE Score cards.

Click HERE for Charter Renewal Agreement between IAC & Charter Organization.

Click HERE for additional resources. (ie. adult and youth applications)



File Name Description
2021 Crew JTE form Download
2021 Pack JTE form Download
2021 Troop JTE form Download
Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authoriztion Download
Annual Unit Charter Agreement Download
Internet ReCharter 2.0 User Guide Download