Nawaganti District

Serving all of East and West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee Parishes, and Western Portion of Livingston Parish.

Key Leadership
District Chair Louis Hebert 225-718-1525
District Commissioner Jacqueline Moore 225-719-0698
District Executive Rhett Nicosia 225-250-8031
District Vice Chair    
Advancement Chair & Eagle Board Richard Wilkinson 225-802-0911
Advancement Committee Member    
Camp Promotion    
Training Chair Casey O'Neill 225-400-2909
Membership Elizabeth Fasbender 630-921-0345
District Banquet Chair Annie Townsend 850-384-7227
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor    
Unit Commissioners
Roundtable Commissioner EJ Moore 225-683-3489
Unit Commissioner Jennifer Wakefield 480-221-5868
Activities Chair Paula Sumrall 985-355-5636
Derbies & Races Chair EJ Moore 225-683-3489
Scouts Camporee District’s Troop Committee  
Day Camp Director    
Special Events Annie Townsend 850-384-7227
Cub Family Campout District’s Pack Committee  
Health & Safety Chair Justin Crochet 985-714-2023
Website Chair    
District Finance Chair Harold Witty 225-223-1118
Fundraising Sales