Nashoba District

Serving: St. Helena, Eastern Livingston, St.Tammany (except the city of Slidell), Tangipahoa, and Washington Parishes,


Key Leadership:

District Chairman Christina Fritz 985-807-4535
District Commissioner Phil Durocher 843-819-5782
Asst. District Commissioner Jim Johnson 336-991-6053
Sr. District Executive Dorothy Garcia 985-264-0878



Program Vice-Chair (East) Bud Lyon
Program Vice-Chair (West) Bobbie Schexnayder
Advancement Chair (East) Bud Lyon
Advancement Chair (West) Laurie Jernigan
Eagle Board (East) Denny Otillio
Eagle Board (West) Laurie Jernigan
Training Chair Tom Glass
Cub Scout Training  
Boy Scout Training Jack Hawkins
Membership (East) Jay Castagnetta
Membership (West) Alvon Brumfield
Camping Chair (East) Chris Jourdan
Camping Chair (West) Christine Ligon
Camping Chair (West) Kyle Govern
Sea Scouts Coordinator Jacques Walker
Venture Crew Coordinator Bud Lyon
Religious Emblems (East) Bill Treas
Religious Emblems (West) Barry Chance
Religious Emblems (West) Laurie Jernigan
STEM Coordinator (East) Terrie DeSandro
STEM Coordinator (West) Alvon Brumfield
NOVA Counselor (East) Joe Hollier
NOVA Counselor (both) George Babbel
NOVA Counselor (West) Alvon Brumfield
NOVA Counselor (West) Barry Chance
Super NOVA Counselor (West) Tom Glass



Banquet Chair (East) Terrie DeSandro
Banquet Chair (West) Laurie Jernigan
AOL Chair Jay Castagnetta
Derbies & Races Chair  
Scouts Camporee District’s Troop Committee
Day Camp Director (East) Tammy Durst
Day Camp Director (West) Katherine Mott
Cub Family Campout District’s Pack Committee
“Scouting for a Home” Dorothy Garcia
Webelos Woods District’s Pack/Troop Committee



Website Chair Tammy Durst
Media Relations Ken Benitez



Finance Vice-Chair Patrick Granier
Community IIC Chair Chuck Hughes
Family IIC Chair Ed d’Hemecourt
Popcorn Sales (East) Brenda Melancon
Popcorn Chair (West) Katherine Mott


Commissioner Staff

Cubs Roundtable Brandi Patterson
Scouts Roundtable Jack Hawkins
Unit Commissioner Scott Adams
Unit Commissioner Terrie DeSandro
Unit Commissioner Charles Erickson
Unit Commissioner Brandi Freeman
Unit Commissioner Ed Gautier
Unit Commissioner Tom Glass
Unit Commissioner Matt Lammon
Unit Commissioner Bud Lyon
Unit Commissioner Doug Madden
Unit Commissioner Deshea Miller
Unit Commissioner Brandi Patterson
Unit Commissioner Ryan Ricord
Unit Commissioner Kenneth Savage


District Members-at-Large:

District Member-at-Large George Babble
District Member-at-Large Denny Otillio
District Member-at-Large Charles Erickson
District Member-at-Large Peter Simoneaux
District Member-at-Large Darren Nunez
District Member-at-Large Al Pappalardo