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Character Counts

Outside influences and life experiences contribute to the values and beliefs we carry with us throughout our lives. In society today, there are many opportunities for youth to make the wrong choices or follow a leader who will lead them astray. While Scouting can't remove the obstacles in life, it teaches young people to face challenges, manage risks and overcome barriers — to grow up strong, resilient and wise. Today's youth need Scouting and Scouting needs you. Support what counts — character.

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Why the Investment in Character Campaign is Necessary

The Investment in Character Campaign keeps Scouting an affordable, effective youth development program. It funds the council's infrastructure, or general operating portion of the budget, and provides a support system for youth with adult volunteers that partner with the Istrouma Area Council.

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How Your Financial Support is Used

The goal is to maintain and refine current programs while continuing to expand Scouting's reach to all available youth.

Intensive outreach efforts have resulted in an ever-growing number of at-risk youth involved in the Scouting program. The Scoutreach program has positively impacted youth in the urban core of Baton Rouge, youth with special needs and youth from families with limited financial resources.

Camping and the outdoors are Scouting's "classrooms." Almost all of our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers experienced camping in 2016.

Istrouma Area Council recognizes that trained leaders are the best resources for delivering quality program to youth participants. A critical part of the new strategic plan is to increase the number of trained leaders and to add a program staff position to focus on supporting the training component of district operations.

The Istrouma Area Council provides accident and liability insurance to all Scouts and leaders at no cost to protect them from liability and accidents incurred while on Scouting activities. While the cost for this insurance is substantial, the leadership of the Istrouma Area Council believes that it is critical that volunteers, leaders and Scouts are able to enjoy the Scouting program while being covered by insurance.

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The Scouting program delivered to over 7,600 young men and women in the Istrouma Area Council is truly a cost-effective program. The cost of delivering the Scouting program to each youth in 2016 includes the aforementioned benefits such as training for adult leaders, monthly roundtable support, the council newsletter, maintenance of camp properties, accident and liability insurance provided at no charge and a Scout Service Center to provide program support to youth, units, leaders, parents, and chartered organizations.

A thorough budget setting and adherence process is monitored and evaluated by a committee of volunteers and staff. The focus of our fundraising effort is to expand the impact of the Scouting program on young men and women in the Heart of America Council and salary expense is devoted to the delivery and administration of the Scouting program.

The strategic plan recently ratified by the Executive Board calls for us to continue to streamline the organization to maximize productivity and to better deliver a quality program to families, youth and leaders in our council. Through diligent efforts, the Scouting program in the Istrouma Area Council is truly a cost-effective program that positively impacts a significant number of young people and families in your community.


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