Cypress Chauve District

Serving all of Ascension Parish, part of St. James and Iberville Parishes.



Key Leadership:

District Chair Robert Bourgeois 225.610.3706
District Commissioner Will Freeman 225.313.3421
District Executive    
Finance Chair    
Investment in Character Chair    
Investment in Character Family Chair    
Special Event Chair    
Popcorn Chair Angela Poche 225.931.9472  
Camp Card Chair Danielle Berthelot 225.869.0927
Membership Chair Kristen Bourgeios 225.936.2071
School Night Chair    
Program Chair Scott Downie 504.343.7268
Advancement Chair Patrick Carpenter 225.235.4538
Training Chair Paul Marchiarava 504.214.4273
Day Camp Director Nick Marshall 225.505.6682
Day Camp Program Director April Reeves 504.237.9937


Unit Commissioners:

Jason Morrill  
Adrian Ackerman  
Angela Poche 225.622.4509
Darren Poche 225.622.4509
Bradley Jacobs  

District Members-at-Large: