Istrouma Area Council News

Parents, Volunteer Leaders and Scouting Supporters:

I have been active in the Scouting Program as a youth, adult, volunteer, and parent for over 20+ years. In my roles I have seen a lot of good stuff happening and some not so great. Many of you know that the National Office is going through a Bankruptcy, however some of you might not know that it will affect all of Scouting across the nation. Also, many individuals have already been affected positively, and others have been affected negatively.

The news media doesn’t always tell the good side of the story or even what our children are learning, experiencing, and exploring in the Scouting programs. In fact, I would guess that the attorneys and the Judges that are hearing these cases have no idea of the positive impact Scouting has to offer or what kind of experiences individuals, such as you and I, have had in our lifetime with Scouting.

I think that it is time that the bankruptcy Judge who is overseeing this process needs to see how positive Scouting has been for you, for your children and for future children. The only way she will know how important Scouting is to all of us is if we take the time to tell Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein.

What I am suggesting is that between now and April 23, 2021 each of us write Judge Silverstein a letter in support of the Scouting program. I suggest that you have your children who are in Scouting put down on paper what they like about Scouting, what they have learned in Scouting or even draw a picture of what they do in Scouting and send these letters and drawings to her at the address below. It is time that we are heard and that the positive part of Scouting stands out. I must believe that Judge Silverstein has a heart and will take notice if we all do this together.

Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein
District Delaware
824 North Market Street
6th Floor, Courtroom #2
Wilmington, DE 19801

Thank you for your time and commitment to the Scouting Programs!


Bob Warner
Council Commissioner
Istrouma Area Council