2018 Nawaganti Spring Cub Family Campout

“Destination Unknown”


Each Pack is asked to pick a Country, along with an activity from that country to do during our activity hours of 8:15am-Noon, and 2:15pm-5pm. Each Pack is required to sponsor 1 event for every 30 children in attendance (Scout's and siblings). Make sure you have a sign about your Country and activity for everyone to know its history! Below is a list you can choose from, or come up with your own! Each activity will only be allowed to be used by one Pack. It is a first come, first serve sign up! Each Pack will be required to provide the activity specific equipment and adult supervision needed for the day. Rotate your parents hourly so that everyone gets to participate with their child.
Please contact Annie Haight to sign up by March 16th at annie.townsend12@gmail.com or (850)384-7227. 
At each activity, Scouts will have the opportunity to earn beads to add to their leatherworking project! Beads will be provided to each Pack participating. The district will be providing a leatherworking project for everyone to participate in as well. 

To get ideas for games from around the globe   CLICK HERE.


Registration Fees and Deadline

              Scouts  $18

              Adults and (siblings over 6) $15

              Siblings under 5 free

              **Family fee (4 or more including scout)  $40

**All family registration must submit a list of all family members upon arrivial to Camporee.


NOTE: This     Guidebook    is sent to all Cubmasters in the Nawaganti District.  Registation will be online and needs to be done by PACK, not family. Deadline to sign up is March 16th.  After that date a $10 late fee will be charged per person.

We will be using     ASR EVENT FAST PASS  to stream line entrance into camp on Fri.

Position Name Telephone
Cub Family Chairman Annie Haight (850) 384-7227 Email
Nawaganti District Executive Jacqueline Moore (225) 719-0698 Email