Chappepeela District

Serving all of Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes and eastern part of Livingston Parish.


Key Leadership:

District Chair Harry LeBlanc 985.320.8579
District Commissioner Jim Johnson 336.991.6053
District Executive Sandra Badon 985.474.5579
Investment in Character Chair    Bob Whitaker 985.320.6822
Popcorn Chair Tammy Tate 225.241.2075
Membership Chair Carol Wiggins 985.320.4262
Program Chair/ Cub Scouts Chris Ligon  
Advancement Chair Laurie Jernigan 985.507.5959
Training Chair    
Popcorn Chair Jay Colvin 225.603.4320
Program Chair/Boy Scouts    
Camp Promotion Sidney Egnew 985.507.7714
Civic/Activities Chair    
Health & Safety/Day Camp Katherine Mott 985.634.9204
District Cub Family Campout   985.748.8039
District Webelos Woods Sidney Egnew 985.507.7714


Unit Commissioners:

Cub Scout Roundtable Comm -  
Boy Scout Roundtable Comm -  
Unit Commissioner Jim Johnson 336.991.6053
Unit Commissioner Brandi Freeman 985.981.2915
Unit Commissioner Linda Prather 225.695.6397
Unit Commissioner Deshea Miller 985.507.4314
Unit Commissioner Ed Gautier 985.634.7212
Unit Commissioner    


District Members-at-Large: