2018 Cypress Chauve Webelos Woods


Webelos Woods

February 16 – February 18, 2018

Lamar Dixon Expo Center



Cypress Chauve District offers the best Scouting experience in all of Istrouma Area Council.  Our Cub Scouts experience wonderful activities, but very few are exposed to the fun that Boy Scouting under the Patrol Method offers. Webelos Woods is designed to allow Webelos to experience what it is like to camp with Boy Scouts, and to act under the Patrol Method with older Scouts guiding and leading the way.

Webelos Woods also gives participating Boy Scouts the opportunity to share the skills they have learned with younger Scouts; improving their leadership and camping skills while providing fellowship and positive role modeling.  This event has been planned and will be carried out by Eagle Scouts and Senior Patrol Leaders from the various Troops in Cypress Chauve District.  Scoutmasters will be onsite to provide guidance and oversight; however, the goal is to have the Boys run each of the activities.

Webelos will camp with their dens for the weekend much like a Boy Scout Patrol.  Parents/adults will camp separately, observing while allowing the boys to participate in the event.  On Saturday the Boy Scouts will work with and train Webelos on the various skills and activities. We are planning to offer several different scouting activities and skills. Scouts of each troop will be demonstrating and teaching the following skills:


Making useful camp gadgets- Knots and Lashings

Fire Building Instruction – Building a fire

How to not starve - Cooking

How not to get too lost - Compass course

Scouting is Fun – Games and Activities



            Cobbler Cooking (Scouts and Webelos) – Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

            Camp Site (Webelos) – Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

             Patrol/Den Leaders please read this Leaders’ Guide carefully so your Scouts will be able to take full advantage of this program.

Scout Masters- We will have an OA call out ceremony at the camp fire. Please contact your OA representative if you need to have an election prior to the ceremony


Participation in the February 2018 Webelos Woods “The Road to Eagle” is open to both 1st & 2nd year Webelos, Boy Scouts, registered Scouters, and parents/adult partners.  Webelos will be camping as Boy Scouts and as such, the Patrol Method of camping will be in place, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Parents are invited to attend this event, but will be camping and cooking separate from the Scouts.  There will be two sessions designed for parents during the morning sessions.

The fee schedule for this event is as follows:

Webelos Scouts $18.00 each

Boy Scouts $10.00 each

Adults Leaders/Parents $10.00 each

LATE REGISTRATION * Starts on February 9, 2018 

Webelos $28.00 per person

Boy Scouts $15.00 each

Adults Leaders/Parents $15.00 each

Den Leaders and Scoutmasters:  Please complete the on line REGISTRATION located at the TAB ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  All registration closes by February 12, 2017. 

A complete guide book with schedule can be downloaded                                          HERE.


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Cypress Chauve Chairman Rob Bourgeois (225) 610-3706 Email