Bogue Tuchenna District

Serving all of Washington and St. Tammany Parishes, except the city of Slidell, LA.



Key Leadership:

District Chair Jay Castagnetta
District Commissioner Christina Fritz
District Executive Dorothy Garcia
Investment in Character Community Chair Pat Granier
Investment in Character Family Chair Ed d'Hemecourt
Popcorn Sales Chair Brenda Melancon
Boy Scout Membership Chair

J. B Shelly

Cub Scout Membership Chair Andrea deFreitas
Program Chair Jacques Walker
 Boy Scout Advancement Chair Bud Lyon
Cub Scout Advancement Shannon Early
Boy Scout Training Chair Jack Hawkins
Cub Scout Training Chair Marleen Holladay
Boy Scout Camping Chair Chris Jourdan
Cub Scout Camping Chair Jeffery Garcia
“Scouting for a Home” Event Dorothy Garcia
STEM Coordinator Terrie DeSandro
Religious Emblems Bill Treas
Health & Safety Chair Casey Varnado
District Website Chair Tammy Durst
Media Relations Chair Faimon Roberts


Unit Commissioners:

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Marleen Holladay
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner -Al Pappalardo
Unit Commissioner Bill Batson
Unit Commissioner Craig Bond
Unit Commissioner Josh Bond
Unit Commissioner Pat Granier
Unit Commissioner Peter Simoneaux
Unit Commissioner Charles Erickson


District Members-at-Large:

Member                                                               George Babble
Member Denny Otillio
Member Ryan McCue