Troop Service and Eagle Scout Project Opportunities

The page is provided as a service to help link Scouts BSA Troops/Crews or Life Scouts who are searching for places to serve in the community with deserving local organizations, providing opportunities to both help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.

Requesting Organization Service Project Project Description Link to Documentation

St. George Fire Protection District

Contact Meg Kling for additional information at 225-251-4815

Flag Retirement Box

Scout from Crew 314 is taking on this project.

Build a flag box at headquarters that could be used to collect flags.  This allow members of the community to then off so they are handle properly through a flag burning ceremony. 



Eastern Star Cemetery

Contact Margaret Owens for additional information at 225-244-1480

Eastern Star Cemetery

Various service projects such as

  • Picking up strewn flowers, etc.
  • Edge and maintain lots
  • Help place Veteran Christmas Wreaths
  • Pick up trash in both outside ditches
  • Haul dirt and fill up holes

Various eagle project type items include:

  • Sand and redo sign
  • Place a Veterans Memorial
  • Remove unwanted bushes in both ditches
  • Remove unwanted growth along fences and inside corner of new cemetery
  • Haul dirt to fill and level sinking graves

Eastern Star Cemetery is located at 11260 LA-68, Wilson, LA 70789




Baton Rouge, Audubon Society

Contact Jane Patterson for additional information at 225-278-0667.

Amite River Wildlife Sanctuary Additional Project:  Build a 4x4' signboard on posts for our trailhead at the sanctuary.  It should be constructed from treated wood and be painted to match our kiosk. This signboard will hold maps, rules and other pertinent information for visitors.  The sanctuary is located at 45141 Manny Guitreau Rd. Prairieville, LA. N/A

The ALS Association LA/MS Chapters

Contact Natalie Thomas for additional information at 225-236-0921

ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible ramp in the Mandeville area.

Helping someone impacted with a life-limiting, fatal neurodegenerative disease obtain an ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible ramp for their home. At this time, we are requesting a donation of all: time, talent, materials, building, and installation for the completion of an ADA-handicapped exterior ramp.   

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Baton Rouge, Audubon Society

Contact Jane Patterson for additional information at 225-278-0667.

Amite River Wildlife Sanctuary

Original Project: The most pressing need is to install bog bridges over wet areas on the trails so that visitors have access to the entire area. These bog bridges are fairly simple designs. Basically, for a 12-foot section, 3 pressure treated 6x6” posts are laid on the ground. They are held in place with 3’ pieces of rebar. Then pressure-treated 2x12” planks are laid across them and bolted into place.  There are at least 4 places where we have an immediate need.

We also need a couple of small bridges built but that may be a more serious undertaking. A scout could do one bridge or several as a part of their project. 

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Camp Ranger

(EJ Moore)

Various projects around camp at ASR (not expected to perform all 27 items.)

  1. Clean fire lays in campsites.
  2. Manicure around trees in campsites
  3. Use “fire lay fill” to fill holes in areas
  4. Dress council ring (mow, weed eat, and trash pickup)
  5. Clean trails between campsites
  6. Dress campsite trails remove low-hanging limbs
  7. Weed eat lakeside to open fishing areas.  
  8. Help inventory camp areas
  9. Clean buildings of cobwebs and debris
  10. Bike maintenance
  11. Rake pine straw around the base of trees in the main camp areas.
  12. Help repair erosion around the archery range road
  13. Repair erosion at Vasquez cabin
  14. Clean around the overflow of Lake Istrouma.
  15. Help clear around Big Cedar Lake
  16. Clean signs for better visibility
  17. Trim limbs and low-hanging vines on roadsides
  18. Work on Istrouma trail clean up
  19. Build fire for family night campfire
  20. Clear brush on dams at each lake
  21. Pressure wash buildings
  22. Clean restrooms and make sure all fixtures are fully working
  23. Weed-eat around buildings, signs, fire lays, fences, and benches
  24. Repair boats, canoes, row boats, and paddle boats
  25. Repair picnic tables
  26. Paint picnic tables
  27. Trim and manicure bushes around camp

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John James Audubon Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Contact Maribeth Andereck for additional information at 225-754-2537

Replace PVC pipes at St. John the Evangelist Cemetery

Scout from Troop 203 has taken on this project.

Replacing small PVC pipes at the veterans' graves (St. John the Evangelist Cemetery - 23470 Federal Street, Plaquemine, LA) where over the years they have disappeared or have been damaged. The requesting organization is willing to pay for the PVC pipes and the paint.

Must be completed PRIOR to December 17, 2022, for the event at the cemetery.

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