2022 Sewell-Eagle Fall Family Camp

The Sewell-Eagle Fall Family Campout will be combined with the Nawaganti Fall Family Campout on October 28th-30th.  Please register as a Pack so your Unit can be placed on the same campsite.

Things you MUST DO:  HAVE FUN, drink lots of water, HAVE FUN, cook Saturday night, HAVE FUN, use the Buddy System, HAVE FUN, bring a costume, HAVE FUN, go through the "HAUNTED TRAIL" and get some treats, HAVE FUN, park in designated areas only, HAVE FUN, bring as many family members as possible…..oh, and in case we haven’t mentioned it, HAVE FUN!!

The theme is Olympics, so be sure to participate and:

  • Shoot at targets with a BB Gun
  • Shoot at target with a bow and arrow at Archery
  • Do a craft
  • Try your hand at the Bean Toss
  • Use your feet in the Foot Race
  • Throw your best in the Paper Discus
  • Squat/Walk in the Chicken Race
  • Throw a Shot Put
  • Get a scout friend and try the 3-Legged Race
  • Push your body in the Standing Long Jump
  • Pucker up and whistle at the Whistle Race
  • Race to a cone and back using the Crab Crawl

Location:  Avondale Scout Reservation, Camp McGee, LA 63, Clinton, LA.  This event will be using the Back Entrance to the Avondale Scout Reservation located on Highway 63 and proceed for check-in. Please have your Fast Pass filled out and ready to hand in upon arrival.

On-Time Registration Fees:

  • Cub Scouts - $15
  • Non-Scout Siblings - $10
  • Non-Scout Siblings (ages 0-4) - Free 
  • Adults - $5

Late Registration Fees, starting October 15, 2022:

  • Cub Scouts - $20
  • Non-Scout Siblings - $15
  • Non-Scout Siblings (ages 0-4) - Free 
  • Adults - $10

Registration closes on October 21, 2022, at 11:59 PM.

There will be several contests for the weekend:

  • Fishing Tournament (bring your fishing poles, secret bait, and a ruler...)
  • Dutch Oven Contest
  • Costume Contest

Check the Leader's Guide for additional information.

Don't forget to bring a completed copy for each person camping a BSA Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist and the Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A & Part B)

Annual Health and Medical Record

  • 2022 Sewell Eagle Fall Family Camp
    October 28, 2022 to October 30

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