IAC Search & Rescue Camporee

The 2018 Istrouma Area Council Search and Rescue weekend will be held at Camp Avondale on January 26-28, 2018.  The theme for this weekend is Search and Rescue. The Scouts will be introduced to the incident command structure and other areas related to Search and Rescue also known as SAR. The Louisiana Search and Rescue Dogs (LaSAR) along with several other emergency agencies will present introduction training on SAR. All the stations will be teaching scouts how to use radios, effectively report an emergency by using their phone, area and grid searches, working with LaSAR dogs, and treating an injured person and get them the help they need. We will also conduct several realistic (mock) SAR searches. Most of the requirements for the SAR merit badge will also be covered at this weekend. 

Cost of the event is $20.00 per youth and $15.00 per adult.

To make this event a success, the Istrouma Area Council needs your Troops’ participation. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

For a complete outline and more details CLICK HERE to see Leader Guide.

Position Name Telephone
IAC Program Director Wayne Schuver Jr (225) 926-2697 Email
Outdoor Program Chairman David Breaux (225) 445-6841 Email