2019 CC Spring Camporee

Camporee Overview

Camporee is a time for competition, developing leadership skills, and teamwork using the patrol method. Most importantly, it is a time to have FUN. This year Camporee will be held on Woodbadge Hill at Avondale Scout Reservation.

Only Camporee-registered Scouts, Venturers, and Adults will be allowed to camp overnight.  Each youth and adult who is camping must check in. The fees for the 2019 Camporee will be:

Scout: $15 by March 28 or $25 after March 28.
Adult: $10 by March 28 or $15 after March 28.

Cub Scouts, siblings, and any other family members may visit for the day and campfire on Saturday Night.  Visitors do not need to pay but must check-in at Headquarters (HQ) upon arrival.  Adult visitors must depart from camp by 22:00.

Presidential Competition Events – Uniform Inspection, Patrol Flag, Fire Building, First aid, Knot Tying, Tent Setup, Lumberjack/Saw, Campsite Gadget, Judged Meal, and Dessert Competition. If attendance requires the addition of another event to increase capacity, Compass Course will be the added event.

Non-Presidential Competition Events – Cardboard Boat Race and Campfire Skit.

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