2018 BT Cub Family Campout

Bogue Tuchenna Cub Family Campout

“Under the Sea”

Focus of Cub Family Campout 2018

Cub Family Campout 2018 is to offer the Packs an opportunity to camp as a unit. Most youth join Cub Scouting because of the outdoor activities.  Youth in this age group have a natural curiosity about their surroundings, especially the world out-of-doors.  Introducing these youth to the fun and adventure of Scouting in the outdoors will benefit them as they mature through the program. Their participation and enthusiasm will grow for continuing in the program into Scouting and beyond.

Overview and Changes from Previous Cub Family Campouts

  • Registration is all online by unit this year – see registration button below & help with screen shots is in leaderbook. 
  • Online registration is open.
  • Online registration will close on September 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm.  (See the Registration Section)
  • Fees are $27/scout and $24/adult and sibling(s) who are over 5 years old and are not registered scouts. Siblings that are 5 years old and under are free.
  • Fees can be paid online with a Debit Card or Electronic Check (this is the preferred way).
  • Some bathroom facilities will be designated “Female Only”.

File Name Description
2018 Leaders Guide Download
Position Name Telephone
BT Cub Family Chairman Chris Joudan (504) 382-2651 Email