Adopt a Campsite Program - Avondale Scout Reservation

Purpose: Why should a unit consider Adopting-a-Campsite?  To promote camping, encourage good stewardship of the Council Properties, allow units to add a “special touch” to their favorite camping areas, give units a sense of pride in their camp, assist in upkeep of grounds and facilities, and to allow units to schedule their camping nights a year at a time.

Adoption Plan: Units are encouraged to adopt a specific campsite, with hopes that they would assist in keeping the grass mowed, weed eating, trimming limbs, cleaning, painting, and keeping facilities and amenities in good working order (i.e.) keeping picnic tables painted and well maintained, painting exterior and interior of bathrooms etc.  Many of the sites that are available for adoption may have specific facilities such as shower house/ restroom, so all portions of the shower house/ restroom will also become the unit’s responsibility for upkeep and maintenance.

For those sites that share a facility or have one nearby (like at McGee), units would share in the upkeep, and should plan regular workdays in the site to accomplish their goals.  As the Reservation has limited equipment to check-out, units are encouraged to bring their own mowers, trimmers, and such. The use of tractors, chainsaw and other equipment does need some guidance and training to make sure Council and BSA policies are followed, so the Ranger Staff will work with each unit to make sure all safety guidelines and any additional training is taken so we can assist you in helping us.

All additions made to campsites must have Council level approval before being done so we can keep a consistent look and make sure all additions are documented. Units are encouraged to adopt sites based on their registration (i.e.) Scouts BSA units are encouraged to adopt sites in the Summer Camp area and Wood Badge Hill, as well as at Carruth. For our Cub Scout packs, we suggest they adopt sites in the larger and more family camp-oriented McGee area or at Carruth, as they allow for larger camping events.  The period of adoption is two (2) years and if the site is properly kept up-to-date and in good order, that time can be extended.  However, if the site is not kept up or fails to be maintained, the unit’s reserved dates will be removed, and units will go back to the regular system of getting a permit for camping.

What the unit can expect from Adopting-a-Campsite:  An adopted campsite will exemplify an excellent camping experience, give the opportunity to teach stewardship to each of the Scouts in your unit and allow for a sense of “home” each time your unit comes back to camp at ASR. Each unit that adopts a site will be able to “lock in” camping weekends for the entire year, with the only exceptions being Council/District level events like Council-wide Camporees, Summer Camp/Winter Camp and District Camporees/Cuborees. Every effort will be made to allow the units to be in their adopted site when attending their District events, and those District/Council level events will only constitute a small number of weekends throughout the year. Signage stating that ”XYZ Troop/Pack has Adopted this Site” will be displayed so that units can take pride in their camping area.  Utilizing the Tentaroo system, Council will be able to “black out” all the dates that a unit wants throughout the year, allowing them to more accurately plan their camping and activities calendar.  If the site is well maintained, more potential long-term arrangements may be made with the unit.

Campsites available for the “Adopt-a-Campsite” program:

Summer Camp Area

  • Golden Meadow * (pavilion)
  • Wannapeeka
  • Forget me Knot
  • Deer Run
  • Tatanka
  • Bob White
  • Brownsea * (Pavilion)
  • Turkey Trail
  • Pine Ridge
  • Bayou Goula *(Pavilion)
  • Lakeview *(pavilion)
  • Othanagon
  • Robins Roost

Wood Badge Hill

  • Bear
  • Trail peak
  • Beaver
  • Fox
  • Lodge pole
  • Hickory Hill


  • St. Francisville
  • Port Hudson
  • Zachary
  • Kentwood
  • Amite
  • Franklinton *(pavilion)
  • Bogalusa
  • Baton Rouge
  • Denham Springs
  • Prairieville
  • Port Vincent
  • Gonzales
  • St. Amant
  • Donaldsonville


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