2023 OA Dues and Annual Pass

OA Membership Dues Renewal for Calendar Year 2023

The Standard Dues Renewal for 2023 is $30.00 per person.

NOTE:  Annual Passes are no longer available.  The 2 options available are:

  • Youth (Just Dues - No Annual Pass)
  • Adult (Just Dues - No Annual Pass)


For 2024 consider the benefits of the Annual Pass for 2023 as outlined below.

What is an Annual Pass?
This is a significant saving on normal registration costs and offers you the peace of mind of knowing in advance, you are paid for. An Annual Pass automatically pays for all four major events at a discount and pays your membership dues.  Annual passes can be purchased up through March 17, 2023.

Annual Pass includes:
1. Your dues for 2023
2. Pre-paid event fees for Spring Ordeal
3. Pre-paid event fees for Summer Ordeal
4. Pre-paid event fees for Fall Fellowship
5. and pre-paid events fees for Winter Ordeal in one easy payment of $120.00.

Additionally, we are offering a discounted annual pass for families that are registering 3 or more members, one of which must be a youth (under 21.)  There is a 25% discount for the 3rd person registered and a 50% discount for every additional person registered.

When registering, please register for the annual passes first. 

  • You should have an Annual Pass 1 and Annual Pass 2 before you select an Annual Pass 3. 
  • Likewise, you should have an Annual Pass 1, Annual Pass 2, and Annual Pass 3 before you select an Annual Pass 4 or Annual Pass 5.  

If you have any questions, click here to email Registration Assistance.  If there are any issues with your registration, we will reach out to you to resolve them.