HybridLight Fundraiser



HybridLight® is a pioneer of solar powered mobile lighting and charging solutions designed for when you need the power of the sun to shed light on all of your adventures. Our portable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and power panels are the reliable go-to illuminator that you want in every toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit, night stand and kitchen drawer. 

Durable, Environmentally Friendly & Guaranteed for Life

Rechargeable again and again,

Perfect for All our South Louisiana Weather emergencies such as Power Failures and Hurricanes.

  1. You can recharge your phone or electronic device(s)
  2. Solar or indoor light powered so can be recharged over and over
  3. Can also be recharged via onboard USB Port
  4. Bright energy efficient LED’s
  5. Waterproof dust covers on ports for flashlights and Atlas 600
  6. Battery can hold charge for years for Emergency peace of mind
  7. Great Features to use in Scouting Outdoor Adventures
  8. Different models with cool capabilities from Blue Tooth Speaker to Lanterns

Perfect Scout Fundraiser for your unit. Can be sold by Take Order Form or Show n Sell. Full glossy take order forms available to use. Product can be consigned from Scout Office or Shipped Direct to outlying units not close to office. Units can set up online storefront with HybridLight and sell directly on line.

30% commission on all products sold when paid for within 30 days. Initial inventory must be paid before getting additional products. Council Sale will be for 3 months. Generous prize program depending on number of units sold or total $ of all sales. Multiple levels available. See Prize information on take order form.

Online sale commissions will be sent directly to unit Luminary contact person listed on web store front. Commissions are paid monthly on the 15th via check to unit

Please have unit coordinator, called the Luminary, fill out Unit Commitment Form and return to Scout Office.

Check out the HybridLight Youtube Channel


To set up your own unit “Web Store Front”

Go to :  https://www.hlfundraising.com/

Click on top right “Get Started” to display the form to complete.

Select Boy Scouts of America as organization/group type and complete rest of page.  Select the Submit button when entries are complete.  Note that even though it starts the creation of a URL, you will receive your approved and specific URL for your unit from Hybrid Lighting.

Make sure to Select Istrouma Area Council 211

You will create your log on with email and your own password.

As noted above, Hybrid Lighting will email you when approved and with the specific URL for your unit.

Log on to site:  https://www.hlfundraising.com/fr-admin/

At top right there is “About Us” add your unit information you want your customer’s to see

At top right under “Group Users” add your scouts either by excel bulk upload or Manage sellers to add names individually.

You will be able to track online sales by scout and order prizes through storefront.

File Name Description
HybridLighting Kick Off Presentation Revision 03/16/2022 Download
IAC HybridLight Sale Sales and Pricing Sheets Download
Unit Selling Form 2022 HybridLight (Updated 03/10/2022) Download