2017 Boy Scout Winter camp

"A Winter Adventure"

Camp Avondale

Clinton, Louisiana

Welcome 2017 Winter Camp – Another Cool Adventure.


Dates: Dec 27th-30th

Check-in: 1pm-2:30pm, Dec 27th

Check-out: 8pm, Dec 30th


We are excited about your Troop attending our 2017 Winter Camp at Camp Avondale!

Winter Camp is a four-day camp which includes three days of merit badge classes between Christmas and New Year’s. This allows units to camp together using the Troop and Patrol method to accomplish their goals under their own leadership. An excellent Camp Staff provides program help, guidance, and supervision in the areas of Scout Craft, Nature, and Citizenship, along with many other specialty merit badge subjects.

The 5K bike trail will be available for use during Winter Camp. Please bring your own bikes and helmets. Camp Avondale has a limited number of bikes for use. We are planning on holding a Polar Bear Plunge for hearty Scouts and Adults. This will be your chance to take a dip in a chilly Lake Istrouma. The Permission Slip on Page 14 must be filled out by both Parents and Scoutmaster.  We will not be offering ATV this Winter Camp.  As we look forward we will again make that program available.

The cost of Winter Camp this year will be $210.00 per Scout. Any Boy Scout that has attended a long term camp is eligible to participate. Scoutmasters are expected to check this prior to signing the registration.

We will continue to offer a variety of different merit badges to meet the needs of the Scouts. We are working with Summer Camp and Merit Badge Day to reduce the overlap of merit badges offered in each program. See the list below for the merit badges offered in 2017. This year we are offering on-line Unit registration and merit badge selection by accessing the registration at the bottom of the page.


Merit Badges

Archery Electronics Oceanography
Art Emergency Preparedness Personal Fitness
ATV Class Engineering Personnel Mangement
ATV Ride Farm Mechanics Plumbing
Auto Maintenance Fire Safety Public Speaking
Aviation First Aid Radio
Basketry Fishing Rifle Shooting
Bugling Fly Fishing Scouting Heritage
Camping Geocaching Shotgun Shooting
Citizenship in the Nation Home Repair Sustainability
Citizenship in the World Indian Lore Welding
Climbing Leatherwork Wilderness Survival
Communications Music Woodcarving
COPE Nuclear Science  
Electricity Orienteering  

Camp Boundaries:

Unit leaders are asked to keep their Scouts within the fence lines surrounding Avondale Scout Reservation. If one crosses a fence, he is trespassing on our neighbor’s private property.

Reservation & Fees:

Winter Camp is limited to the first 250 Scouts. The $100.00 deposit must be made to the Pennington Scout Service Center, no later than November 3, 2017, to ensure your reservation is accepted. All adults attending camp must also fill out a staff application (on-line) and an adult BSA registration application if not currently registered with the council. The adult fee is $100.00 per adult. The $100.00 per Scout deposit is transferable within the Troop to a Scout not currently registered for the event. The balance of the $210.00 for each Scout is due in the Pennington Scout Center by December 1, 2017. Merit Badges cannot
be selected on line until full payment is made.

Health Forms:

ALL adults and youth attending camp must have a current Annual Health and Medical Record parts A, B, and C. This is necessary to document the current health status and medications, if any, that the Scout or Scouter is taking. Health forms will be returned to units at the end of camp. It is recommended that only copies of the health forms be submitted. The originals should remain with Troop records. Prescriptions for Scouts and adults may be kept at the campsite if they are stored in a secure location accessible only to the adult leaders. Non-prescription medicine, asthma inhalers, and epinephrine can be kept on the camper.

Adult Leaders:

All units are required to have 2 leaders, with current youth protection training in camp at all times. The unit leader or anyone serving as unit leader must be at least 21 years old and a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America. The second adult may be a registered Scouter 18 years of age or older or the parent of a participating unit member. ONLY registered camp youth are permitted in camp. Other children are not to be brought to camp. Separate tent accommodations will be maintained for male and female leaders. Leaders may rotate if necessary, but at least 2 adults must be with the Troop 24 hours a day. If it is necessary to leave camp at any time, leaders need to inform the Camp Director and sign in and out at the Administration Building.

Refund Policy

  1. Written refund requests will be considered only if received in the Pennington Scout Service Center ten (10) days prior to the beginning of camp.
  2. Written refund requests submitted after the event will be considered only for personal illness or family emergencies.  No refund requests will be accepted after ten (10) days following the close of camp.
  3. A service charge of twenty-five percent (25%) of the full activity fee will be assessed on all refunds.
  4. Refund checks will be issued within 30 days following the close of the camp.
  5. Fees are only transferable within the same unit to a Scout not currently registered for the event.

Checklist for Troop Preparation for Winter Camp

Preparation for camp is an easy process, but it does require planning ahead.  As a Unit Leader, you are the most important link in this preparation.  The following timetable/checklist is designed to guide you and your Troop Committee in pre-camp planning for Winter Camp at Camp Avondale.

  • The Scoutmaster and/or parents should counsel with each Scout to determine which merit badges a Scout should work on and what requirements need to be completed prior to Winter Camp in order to ensure a good rate of completion at camp (See merit badge Section).
  • Some badges will not be able to be completed at camp.  Incomplete merit badges should be completed with a merit badge Counselor at the Troop, District or Council level. Any requirements which require a Scout to complete activities over a long period of time should be completed prior to camp. 


Attendance at merit badge sessions and projects associated with them is necessary to complete the merit badges.  Be sure to select the merit badges you are willing to work towardlimited schedule changes will be made at camp.

Fluctuations in staff levels and volunteers wishing to instruct merit badges may bring alterations to the schedule.  If a merit badge does not have a qualified instructor at the beginning of camp, it will be dropped from the schedule.


File Name Description
2018 Leader Guide Download
Merit Badge Schedule Download