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Cub Scouting

Information on Cub Scouting for Parents and Volunteers. Learn more about what scouting can do for your youth. Pricing is subject to change.

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2022 ReCharter

View Instructions, video and all forms to turn in for the new recharter system.

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Parents, Volunteer Leaders and Scouting Supporters:


I have been active in the Scouting Program as a youth, adult, volunteer, and parent for over 20+ years. In my roles I have seen a lot of good stuff happening and some not so great. Many of you know that the National Office is going through a Bankruptcy, however some of you might not know that it will affect all of Scouting across the nation. Also, many individuals have already been affected positively, and others have been affected negatively.

The news media doesn’t always tell the good side of the story or even what our children are learning, experiencing, and exploring in the Scouting programs. In fact, I would guess that the attorneys and the Judges that are hearing these cases have no idea of the positive impact Scouting has to offer or what kind of experiences individuals, such as you and I, have had in our lifetime with Scouting. Learn More


Additional Links:

Reporting child endangerment:

Kidline: 800-244-5373 – crisis intervention, parenting support

225-424-1533 – texting

855-452-5437 – suspect child abuse by parent/care taker

Reporting domestic violence:

Iris Hotline: (225) 389-3001 or 1 (800) 541-9706 – assist with temporary lodging, basic needs, referrals, safety planning

Butterfly Society - (225) 347-7725 – assistance also includes safety plan

National Hotline 1-800-799-7233

Counseling and Services:

STAR (Sexual Assault Trauma and Response) https://star.ngo/ Office: (225) 615-7093